Family Counselling Services provided by Relate East Kent

Family Counselling

  • Is the atmosphere in your family tense and is communication difficult?
  • Are you at your wits end with a teenager in the house?
  • Are you parents always nagging and driving you nuts?
  • Are you struggling to form relationships with your new partner's children?
  • Are you worried about your children's behaviour?
  • Do you feel unsupported or overwhelmed by your parenting role?
  • Do you sometimes feel at the end of your tether?
  • Is the dream of happy family life not coming true?

Relate can help

A Relate Family Counsellor can provide an initial consultation to assess the problems. You will then set appointments with the counsellor that all the family can attend. Sometimes he or she will see different groups within the same family for part of the time. Occasionally other important family members, such as grandparents will be asked to attend.

The counsellor won’t tell you what to do or how to run your family – they are there to help you to unravel problems and difficulties. They won’t judge you, but will try to work with the whole family to resolve the problem areas.

Happy Family

Relate can help you to have a happy family life. Contact us for more information