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All Relate counsellors have rigorous Relate counselling training to equip them to work with couples both psycho-dynamically and systemically. Their practice is kept up-to-date by ensuring that they attend professional development days each year.

In couple work they will see both heterosexual and same sex couples, married or unmarried, and will also work with people who prefer to come alone either when they fear separation or after separation has occurred. There is also a huge age spread amongst couples with whom Relate counsellors work - from teenagers through to couples in their seventies or even eighties.

Relate counsellors can work with a couple seeking to make a commitment to each other, when they are planning to start a family, when people might just like a health check on the state of their relationship, or perhaps when there are wider family problems such as a domineering mother-in-law or a step teenager. In some cases the couple may only visit once or twice, and where there are deeper-seated problems the counselling sessions may take six months or more. The usefulness of the sessions is reviewed regularly and counsellors will work sensitively with couples towards ending when the time is right. Counsellors are trained to listen and to arbitrate, always remaining impartial themselves. Very often where there are strains in a relationship and lots of arguments, this can lead to a break down in confidence and self- esteem and counsellors are highly skilled in rebuilding lives when there are negative emotions.

It is less well known that Relate counsellors can work through issues with single clients. This can be in coming to terms with separation or divorce, but might be separation or loss through the partner being terminally ill, having dementia or because of the loss experienced after death.

When a couple comes to Relate they will sign data protection forms to agree to Relate’s confidentiality procedure. Anything discussed in the counselling room remains confidential to Relate, unless there is a Child Protection issue. Under law this has to be reported but will not be without the counsellor telling the parent(s) of this move.

Sometimes there are more severe problems that manifest such as mental health issues, drug or alcohol abuse or domestic violence. Relate has developed specialised ways of working with such clients but if problems are too severe Relate can advise on other more appropriate agencies to help.

Relate supervisors carefully supervise all casework for counsellors and there is a clear supervisory structure within the whole national organisation where consultation is possible to national advisors when necessary.

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