Sex Therapy provided by Relate East Kent

Sex Therapy

  • Is your sex life unfulfilling?
  • Is sex physically painful for you?
  • Are your worries in other areas of your life impinging on a satisfying sexual relationship?
  • Do you and your parnter have different expectations from your sex life?
  • Do you have difficulty in getting an erection?
  • Do you have poor ejaculation control?
  • Do you not want sex as much as you used to?
  • Have you stopped having sex?
  • Have you recently had a baby, and this is affecting your sex life?
  • Is your possible intimacy affected by small children?
  • Have the problems of the menopause affected your sex life?
  • Is your self esteem affected by your sexual difficulties?

Relate can help

A Relate psychosexual therapist can help you assess the problem areas in order to decide on the relevance of on-going therapy. A client may come on his/her own, but will need to attend with their partner eventually to find ways of working together to improve sexual relations. Part of the process involves each half of the couple attending alone and talking about individual difficulties, to ascertain if these have a bearing on the current problems.

On-going sessions will be fixed for a regular day and time of the week with the same therapist where couples or one half of a couple can discuss any relationship problems – large or small.

PST therapists don’t judge and really do care about helping a couple to find a way forward at their own pace.

Happy Family

Relate can help you to have a happy family life. Contact us for more information