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Our Sex Therapy Service

Each year, in Britain over 5000 people rediscover an active sex life through the help of a Relate sex therapist. In addition to couple training a sex therapist holds an additional Relate Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy, accredited by the British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Therapists work using cognitive behavioural theories.

In a first assessment appointment the therapist will listen to the problems each half of the couple is experiencing. No problem is too small or too trivial to be discussed and the therapist is not there to make value judgements or to be critical. At an early stage the therapist will find out what the couple wants to achieve and what they would like to change in their relationship.

After being seen together the therapist will normally see each person separately to take a history of each client’s difficulty in the physical side of partnership. After this the couple meet again with the therapist who will talk them through whether PST therapy is right for them at this time. If there was a physical cause of the problem they might be advised to go for help through a medical route.

Treatment regimes are worked out and specifically designed for clients’ unique sexual difficulties. Part of the therapy will be to work specifically designed exercises at home together to try to improve sex life. No clients will ever be expected to undertake such exercises during the therapy sessions. Such exercises are designed to undo faulty learning about sexuality, improve understanding about sexual needs, to diminish anxiety and to encourage positive communication and changed behaviour.

It is important to take the exercises at the clients’ own pace, and so that the sessions feel calm and unrushed, sometimes sessions will not take place weekly, but at the clients’ pace, paced out over several weeks. The number of sessions required will be worked out between therapist and clients. At no time will clients feel pressure to finish sooner than they want to.

Clients may self refer, but sometimes their GP will suggest that they contact Relate, if the couple or person has sought help through their GP. Increasingly the medical profession is recognising the benefit of talking therapies for sexual difficulties.

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