Teen Counselling Services provided by Relate East Kent

Young Peoples Counselling Service

Besides having a rigorous Relate counselling training to equip them to work with couples both psycho-dynamically and systemically, Relate Young Persons’ counsellors undergo additional training to enable them to work specifically with children or young people.

When a young person comes to Relate they will sign data protection forms to agree to Relate’s confidentiality procedure. Anything discussed in the counselling room remains confidential to Relate, unless there is a Child Protection issue. Under law this has to be reported.

At the first appointment the young person will be assessed to ensure that he/she has sufficient understanding of the nature of the home problem and of how the counselling process might be able to help.

Relate supervisors carefully supervise all casework for counsellors and there is a clear supervisory structure within the whole national organisation where consultation is possible to national advisors when necessary.

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